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Сегодня воскресенье, 27.05.2018: публикаций: 1909
01.05.2016 21:06

Технология получения монокристалла хризоберилла

Технология, монокристалла, получения, хризоберилла(александрит*)

Предлагаю сотрудничество:
Technology for producing single crystal chrysoberyl , identical in it performance natural stone ( Alexandrite * ) The technology is a process for preparing an artificial single crystal from the sample Alexandrite (sample size 0.5-1 carat stone ) and the mixture containing the major components that make up the final product . For batch processing a special oven is needed . The process optimally takes 48 hours. However, taking into account various factors, correctly assess the duration of the whole process in 4-7 days . The size of the resulting product in the order exceeds the size of the samples obtained in the United States . The quality of the product is also significantly better. The cost price of the product, taking into account all costs , is extremely small . The main costs in the preparatory phase of production are the cost of a special oven. Performance of one unit ( furnace ) : one melting 1 kg = (4-7 days). 1 carat = 0.2 g. Technology features : 1. Very low feedstock and production process 2. The ability to produce large-sized products, not available for other manufacturing techniques 3. High quality of products being used for a wide range of applications 4. Compact size production plant 5. There are examples of previously obtained product Application: jewelry, medical lasers , laser systems for various purposes, promising is the use of crystal in the development of systems for high-speed transmission of information.  * Alexandrite - a jewel of 1 class value up to $ 27,000 per carat .  Crystal synthesize takes about a month , the maximum size of a sample is up to 400 carats , the price is up to $ 5,000 per carat .  Cost of raw materials in the form is about $ 2 per carat , cost of raw crystal is up to $ 10 per carat .  The technology was developed , classified and has been used successfully in the USSR from the beginning to the end of the 80s , when the company was closed , production stopped , the equipment dismantled . Technology was declassified in the early 90s. Variants of cooperation: 1. The acquisition of technology for the exclusive use. Price 150000000$

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